Camping Parco delle Piscine

The accommodation facilities quality is, for the International Motorcycling Federation and the Italian Motorcycling Federation, a cornerstone of the 77th edition of the FIM Rally. To guarantee a high level of services and safety to the participants, the organization decided that the campsite of the FIM Rally will be the Parco delle Piscine Camping.

The 4-star structure is located in Sarteano (8 kilometers away from the Rally Secretariat) and represents the ideal base to participate at the event. To reach Chianciano it will be possible to use a special free shuttle service. All details will be soon revealed.

The cost of staying in the campsite, including breakfast, is € 28 per night. Alternatively - thinking that many participants wish to stay near the Rally Center - the organization has provided the possibility of booking the hostels at a cost of 22 euros per night, giving the participants a free breakfast included.